Why choose us

The only architect builder and independent partner for your occupational pension schemes.

Leader in Luxembourg for more than 40 years.


Designing a plan together, creating it to your specific needs…

  • We help you study a pension plan that meets your needs and is in keeping with trends in your sector of activity.
  • Your pension plan is tailored to your requirements by our actuarial and legal experts.
  • Your plan is operated expertly and in conformity with legal and tax requirements focused on the Luxembourg context, but also cross-border.
  • Your plan is financed in the vehicle that matches your expectations: pension fund, group insurance or book reserves.

Building and transforming in accordance with the highest standards…

  • You are assured of the flexibility that enables you to adapt to your company’s development and to changing regulations.
  • You benefit from an international approach with our membership of EURACS, a European network of actuarial and consulting firms.
  • Our independence and expertise guarantee that your insurer-partner will be selected on an objective basis.
  • You can rely on our expertise for setting up your pension fund and monitoring it in accordance with regulations.



Expert knowledge and management at every level…

  • You interact directly with the expert in charge of your file, who is responsible for its overall management and who, together with fellow team members, has extensive knowledge of your pension plan.
  • You benefit from systematised processes of proven excellence, adapted to your pension plan funding vehicle.
  • You can rely on consistent support from our experts and on-going regulatory monitoring.
  • Your plan is managed in compliance with local standards and IAS19 and FAS158 international standards.