Your company’s human resources managers or financial officers will have access to standard or customized training sessions offering a clearer understanding of supplementary pension schemes. To enable your staff to learn about the environment for supplementary pension provision or to expand your knowledge in this area with a view to transforming your scheme or launching an internal reflection process, Esofac’s enthusiastic practitioners can adapt their approach to put across their knowledge in simple form or to develop more sophisticated understanding.

Our training session on “Occupational pension scheme” presents a thorough overview of the possibilities of setting up a supplementary pension scheme for employees.

Our session on “Tax regime for benefits financed under a supplementary pension scheme” provides a snapshot of the situation in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany.

Subjects like European social security regulations, the IAS19 standard and methods of financing supplementary pension schemes are also regularly presented by our experts.

Esofac is a recognised manager of a continuing professional education entity, authorisation number 119755.