Pension funds

Your scheme’s financing is held in a pension fund: you can rely on the experience of the Esofac team in charge of managing the largest number of pension funds in Luxembourg.

Esofac delivers complete management of the supplementary pension schemes held in pension funds: contacts with authorities (Financial Sector Supervisory Authority, Insurance Commission), information for your members, calculation of your contributions, regular valuation, tax returns, etc.

Your obligations to report quarterly and annually to the pension fund supervisory authorities are performed by the specialists who are regularly in charge of such reporting, whether for a defined benefits or a defined contributions supplementary pension scheme.

When setting up a pension fund, whether a Pension Savings Association (ASSEP), a Pension Savings Company with Variable Capital (SEPCAV) or a pension fund subject to supervision by the Insurance Commission, you are guided step by step, from the feasibility study to the choice of legal form, the drafting of articles of association and obtaining official authorisation.