You have everything you need to keep your members well informed: from minimum legal requirements to individual support as retirement draws near, Esofac provides all the information to be distributed to members, adapting to your policy and your communication tools.

Esofac presents your supplementary pension scheme, drafts an explanatory brochure and details the tax and social security rules applicable to benefits.

Your members, particularly those close to retirement, receive an Individual Pension Statement (IPS) prepared by Esofac to inform them about the statutory pension in Luxembourg, but also in France and Belgium if they have acquired rights in these countries.

This communication enhances members’ awareness of your scheme, making its existence present throughout their career.

Esofac presents actuarial reports, the supplementary pension scheme’s liabilities, its level of financing and any changes under consideration to either your board of directors, financial management or audit and remuneration committees, depending on your needs, with the aim of bringing clarity and understanding of all aspects of the scheme and facilitating the company’s work.