Our network

As part of EURACS, the European Actuarial & Consulting Services network, Esofac can offer its services to multinational companies at the international level.

EURACS is the oldest and largest network of leading independent actuarial and consulting firms in Europe. The network provides services to clients through more than 1,000 qualified actuaries, consultants and other business professionals in Europe and Africa. EURACS was established in 1982 and quickly expanded into a network of major actuarial and consulting firms operating across Europe.

We have already worked with network members in nearby countries, including Nexyan in Belgium, Optimind Winter in France, Heubeck AG in Germany and LNBB actuarissen + pensioenconsultants in the Netherlands. Barnett Waddingham LLP is a member of the network for the United Kingdom.

EURACS is also a member of the GLOBACS family of networks. Global Actuarial & Consulting Services (GLOBACS) is an international actuarial and consulting brand that encompasses EURACS as well as the NORACS (North American Actuarial & Consulting Services) and APACS (Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services) networks. GLOBACS represents one of the most extensive consulting networks of its kind in the world.

GLOBACS incorporates leading independent firms that work in collaboration to deliver cross-border pensions, benefits and insurance solutions to their international clients. With expanding membership across Europe, Africa, North America, Asia Pacific and Australasia, and other contacts covering South America and the Middle East, GLOBACS provides the clients of member firms with truly global advice and services from consultants who are innovative experts in their local markets.

The services offered by the EURACS member firms include:

  • actuarial services for pension funds
  • strategic investment advice for pension funds and other institutional investors
  • strategic pension consulting for employers
  • actuarial services for insurance companies
  • advice on the impact of local and international pensions and insurance legislation
  • pensions management and record-keeping
  • mortality analysis and longevity projections