About us

The team

Working with Esofac means having a team of experts able to deal with every aspect of company pension plans, based in Luxembourg and dedicated to Luxembourg pension vehicles.

The multidisciplinary team of 12 (actuaries, legal experts, managers and assistants) is specialised in employee benefits and has lengthy experience (183 years combined) advising clients and managing their supplementary pension schemes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The team’s expertise is continuously enhanced by the diversity of the schemes with which it operates.


Our activity in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg began in the 1960s, when a large American firm wished to provide further benefits to supplement social security cover and entrusted us with implementing a pension plan. Esofac set up its first supplementary pension scheme in 1969, at a time when a legal framework was lacking, apart from a German tax law not suited to operations of this type.

Esofac as a legal entity was created in Belgium in 1973 and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 1982 under the name Esofac International.

In 2006, Esofac was selected as the member for Luxembourg of the European Actuarial & Consulting Services network (EURACS) , which enables us to offer our services internationally to multinational firms.

For over four decades, Esofac has been a recognised player in the field of supplementary retirement planning. Many manufacturing and service enterprises in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, including some of the largest, have relied on Esofac for more than 40 years to implement and provide full technical, administrative, actuarial and accounting management of their supplementary pension scheme and its financing vehicle.


Esofac holds the following authorisations:

  • supplementary pension scheme manager licensed by the General Inspectorate for Social Security
  • continuing professional education entity
  • insurance sector professional (PSA) as a pension fund manager
  • manager of pension funds supervised by the Financial Sector Supervisory Authority (Assep and Sepcav).

Our values


We dedicate ourselves to meeting our clients’ needs by respecting agreed deadlines and achieving their objectives, as part of a sustained partnership motivated by the shared determination to maintain a relationship built on openness and mutual trust.


Ingenuity is at the heart of our business at Esofac, stimulated by work in multidisciplinary teams.

Drawing on our open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity and drive, we provide our clients with comprehensive, original and tailor-made solutions.


Rigour is the cornerstone of our structured and thorough work, built on proven oversight processes consolidated by the team, which guarantee compliance and accuracy.


We aim for efficiency, relying on our tried-and-tested processes, constantly enhanced by our experience, to implement means in line with the expectations of our colleagues and clients.